Club One


Company: Club One -- 2005 - 2008

Industry: Health and Fitness

Role: Director of Information Technology

Recognized by Executives: Outstanding performance

Business Model: Club One is a fitness organization based on three business channels: Branded Clubs (35 locations), Worksite Health and Fitness (50 locations), and Managed Clubs (5 locations) with a high growth strategy.

Business Challenge: Organization growth strategy required standardized business processes, centralized system architecture, and expanded web presence. Processes, systems, and technology was not scalable to meet growth plans. Web properties required a complete review to provide venues that supported member healthy lifestyle outside of the clubs four walls.

Results __________________________________

Cultural Changes: Facilitated changes in management process resulting in an increase flow of communications between members and staff. Created a team based business model focusing on collaboration with the ability to draw from each of the varied business units.

Process Improvement: Upgraded website user experience to include easy access to class schedules, photos of clubs, and online healthy lifestyle information. Developed on line registration reducing the need to meet with sales representatives.

Developed on line registration reducing the time necessary to meet with sales representatives using an on-line user interface.

Documented all processes as the basis for overall systems and technology strategy and training.

Redesign of Club Management system that improved accuracy of data capture and centralized performance reporting.

Upgraded Marketing studio reducing the time and cost of delivery of promotional collateral.

Paperless work environment reduced membership acquisition, customer service response time, and improvement in Call Center efficiency. 

Technology Improvement: Upgraded ERP Club Management System by centralizing all data at single secured data center. Unified messaging through a centralized Cisco Unified phone system that linked all branded clubs together.

The organization was fully PCI compliant.

Outside counsel on the software advisory boards of three of the larges club management software publishers.

Collaborated with outside developers to build one of the first on line club membership registration applications.

Scope of Solutions __________