Jamba Juice


Company: Jamba Juice -- 2000 - 2005

Industry: Quick Food Service, Retail, and Disribution

Role: Director of Information Technology

Special Recognition: Executive recognition for leadership

Business Model: Jamba Juice is a quick food service retail and franchise company that makes fruit based smoothies to order. Company planned to grow from approximately 380 to 650 stores (within 5 years) while increasing annual unit revenue. 

Business Challenge: The organization required business process reengineering and technology upgrade to support growth as well as a new store design to insure consistency of product offering for company and franchised owned locations. Company wide systems needed to support a future IPO decision.

Results __________________________________

Cultural Changes: Created changes in reporting and communications with the introduction of a company internet portal used to report store activity to all management levels. Customer service department became the ears and eyes of customer feedback and the support desk for the newly introduced “jamba card.” Information Technology was the first department to manage company owned locations with the same standards as franchise owned locations.

Process Improvement: Completed initial evaluation and strategic plan to support growth strategy resulting in full funding of system upgrade as the foundation of process improvement. Provided retail POS (Point of Sales) solutions that simplified training and increased transaction speed. Store systems were centrally managed using portal for reporting daily store transaction activity at the detailed level. Help Desk included technology training of all systems. Upgraded back of house systems payroll, and HRIS (Human Resources Information System). Selected and implemented labor schedule system to provide automated support to managers for improved control of labor costs and time. “jamba card” value add debit card was introduced providing a commitment by consumers for future purchases which was supported with a 24/7 data center, customer service, fraud department, and product marketing.

Customer Service Department, call center, and administrative personnel incorporated into the technology department to improve monitoring of customer behavior.

Technology Improvement: ERP system with portal for detailed transaction and drill-down to level of individual transactions, return on labor hours, and inventory movement. Upgrade of accounting system and changes in payroll systems used to manage growth. Labor scheduling system used to manage store costs based on historical and actual labor algorithms. Built data center for the purpose of “jamba card” 24/7 operations.

Scope of Solutions __________