NextG Networks


Company: NextG Networks – 2009 - 2011

Industry: DAS Networks (Distributed Antenna Systems)

Role: Director of Information Technology

Executive Recognition: Executive recognition twice for  project management excellence.

Business Model: NextG Networks was the largest DAS company in North America with a growth strategy that included an exit for investors. Concentrated customer base that included current cellular phone carriers. DAS networks allow cellular companies to increase density of services, provide services in locations that do not have cellular coverage, and provide cellular coverage in areas where cell towers are not allowed.

Business Challenge: Company needed to reduce time to build and deliver DAS networks from 18 months to 8 months. Project management system which originally were based on spreadsheets need to be replaced to increase operational accuracy and consistency when building projects. Document database was organically grown and was not stable or able to support company growth projections. Processes required systemization to insure consistency throughout the enterprise. Inventory management and revenue recognition required manual intervention due to inadequate process and systems requiring a new ERP system.

Results ___________________________________________

Cultural Changes: New processes were authored by user community. Convergent system connected communication modalities used throughout the enterprise. Ability to build network in eight months a reduction of approximately two-thirds of previous time frame decreased the time of revenue recognition. Centralized project planning provided a means to manage resources at an enterprise level.

Process Improvement: Enterprise wide project management systematized and  replaced individual spreadsheets. New system provided single reporting tools and feeds into the accounting system. All project documents, permits, and licenses were cataloged into one database with automatic triggers for payment renewal dates and other business update requirements.

Technology Improvement: Project management system was built using MS Project Server and SharePoint. System design interfaced Dynamics XP with project management systems. EPM Live (Work Engine) was customized to meet the business requirements necessary to support the complexity of the DAS industry.

Scope of Solutions __________