Pasqua Coffee


Company: Pasqua Coffee – 1994 - 1996

Industry: Specialty Foods, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Mail Order, Food Preparation, Bakery

Role: Director MIS Operations Manager, Consultant

Business Model: Pasqua Coffee was a multiunit specialty coffee company with locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Each city configuration included a company-owned commissary and bakery. Coffee was roasted and distributed from San Francisco.

Business Challenge: Overall processes, systems, and technology were not adequate to support then current business model or growth plans. Company systems needed to be streamlined and integrated so all operational units could communicate.

Results ___________________________________________

Cultural Changes: Redesigned internal communications that provided channels to place internal orders for stores and report at summary transaction level. All cities were measured with consistent criteria; this was not the case before system review was complete. 

Process Improvement: Developed business system strategy, technology based tools, and supported training to ensure data entry was correct. Automated financial record flow from retail locations into accounting systems. Created a centralized order management process that increased accuracy of store orders while increasing accountability for inventory reorders.

Technology Improvement: Successful upgraded accounting system and interface with POS (Point of Sales) daily sales receipts. Order management and inventory control was upgraded.

Order management department reported to IT and provided store support with store orders, inventory control, and day-end processing.

Scope of Solutions __________